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The following are "Members": "Seeking Supplier" means a company that has signed up to advertise for the purpose of advertising.

「May-God Human Resource 」website, Web site // www. May-God.

Collection purposes and Career Notice

  1. May-God Human Resource provide members with free job search services, and employment agency or human intermediary, customer management, membership management, marketing and internal statistical investigation and analysis. Job search services are as follows:
    1. take the initiative to inquire for job vacancies, active recruitment and resume automatic matching;
    2. career development plan of employment counseling or occupational psychological tests (evaluation);
    3. other recruitment activities, popular job vacancies, dispatch and recruitment information such as recruitment advice.
  2. May-God Human Resource does not guarantee that members will be admitted or have the desired job. Members should take care of their own career development and adaptive planning, and then make full use of May-God Human Resource provided by the services provided to obtain the desired job results.
  3. For the vacancy information provided by May-God Human Resource, both in advance through「May-God Human Resource」 customer service personnel, as carefully as possible to assess the job information and the information only vendors, but still does not rule out a small number of unscrupulous manufacturers to false, confused , Enticement or discrepancy in the job opportunities, membership errors or lead to job-seekers are not satisfied with the job or business experience.
  4. the period, area, purpose and manner in which the personal data are to be used:
    1. period: May-God Human Resource during the operation.
    2. Areas: Taiwan and the outside region.
    3. Object and Method : May-God Human Resource and members agreed to open a third person. In addition to member management, customer management functions such as search queries, and can be used in accordance with the following provisions or can be used for third parties
      1. Use of interview to provide career employees.
      2. To provide headhunting, personnel dispatch or project recruitment for the use of the recommended contact.
      3. May-God Human Resource of other statistics, questionnaires and occasional notice sent by members or newsletter use, Including but not limited to market research, by the enterprise commissioned to send on behalf of the member information.
      4. The use of members to provide the address, e-mail or telephone number, the company's goods and services for the promotion ofmarketing.
      5. In the delivery of items related to activities, your personal information will be used to deliver to the relevant logistics or manufacturers to complete the delivery of items.
  5. the rights and modes of the parties is exercise their rights under 3 Article of the Personal Data Protection Act:
    The exercise of the right,
    1. Query or request to read.
    2. Request to the copy system.
    3. Request for additions or corrections.
    4. Request to stop collecting, processing or use.
    5. Request to delete; to agree that the Company may verification, comparison or proof of the need for future to delete the trajectory data.
  6. The parties are free to choose to provide personal data, would not be affected by their rights:
    If you do not provide personal information, this site will not be able to provide job search services, affect the reception of employment information.

Use of Membership Information

  1. Members agree to the following information, free and unconditional to May God Human Resource to collect, deal with:
    1. Your resume or your personal information.
    2. Use the job history and information (such as the Internet IP address, browser type, browsing the web and time of stay and other trajectory data).
  2. If the member has filled in his resume or the personal data he has entered, (But not limited to) a third person to give a considerable amount of facts or evidence, in accordance with the general objective judgments sufficient to cause reasonable suspicion, May-God Human Resource temporarily suspended, as certained after the decision whether to restore power.

May-God Human Resource protect members and data security measures

In accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws of the Republic of China, In addition to the basic information on the members of May-God Human Resource in accordance with the law of confidentiality, the process of transmission of data security, user authentication, login rights settings, back-end entity protection and internal staff management processes, are May-God Human Resource into the overall planning and protection measures.Members of May-God Human Resource and the manufacturers to accept the services of May-God Human Resource, For further details, please read the Privacy Statement and the May-God Human Resource Career Convention. The Privacy Statement and the May-God Human Resource Employment Convention are part of the Member's Terms of Service.

The applicable law and the Governing Court

The Terms of Service shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of China.The Member agrees that if the dispute involves litigation, the Taichung District Court shall be the court of first instance.