The sites that place the greatest importance on your privacy on the Internetare the「May-God Human Resource」of the Taiwan Internet industry, the Internet is an astonishing tool that began in the twentieth century, It not only changed our way of life, but also allow us to see the infinite potential for future development.

You can track news, find information, purchase commodity, and get services with just a few mouse clicks, and also can communicate with people all over the world.

For us, when users use the Internet to accept our services, Protect your privacy in the Internet world, Is that we attach great importance to and can’t shirk responsibility.

For netizens, we not only to protect your privacy, but also want you to enjoy our services, while the most powerful, most secure online world trip. You can be arbitrary, unimpeded in the network.


What are the use rules of「May-God Human Resource」? In the service of good faith users under the premise of the use of non-acts of good intentions, attempts or intentions, this website has the right to request a judicial or law enforcement agency to assist in the investigation of the following culprit and to seek claimant, from the culprit. These actions include:

  1. To get the information with an improper way:
    To get information on this site database without the agreement of this website.
  2. Harming the site security system:
    The behavior to try、to crack or harm to the site security system and password protection system to use by without the agreement of this website.
  3. Effect of harming the network system:
    Enter the software which containing the virus code or other ways to paralyze the operation of the site, by using a large number of e-mail, resulting in site operation errors, slow down the efficiency of the site, and other harmful behavior like change or damage the website pages, links to other sites of the site path, the contents of this site database.
  4. Infringes the rights of this website or its members:
    Inappropriate ways or unauthorized consent, invasion of this site system to change membership information, and even in improper way to explore, change, record, forge, the use of this site and credit transactions between members of information.
  5. Actions that do not conform to the purpose of this website:
    For example, in the name of job search or seeking, from this site to obtain relevant information or job search membership information, advertisements, specific products, goods, services, or general correspondence that do not correspond to the purpose of seeking employment, seeking employment and for the benefit of the members, or general letters, or job hunting traps.
  6. Violation of the principle of good faith:
    Job seekers have been working with the manufacturers agreed to go to work time, out of sudden, without prior notice to the company to explain the whole story. Affter found to be true.「May-God Human Resource」has the right to close the job seeker's resume immediately, and refused to use the home registration and maintenance of the resume service. Job seekers who fail to apply for any reason will be suspended for a period of one month or more depending on the circumstances. Please respect your rights to seek employment.
  7. Good administrator of the data:
    For example, corporate or personal information obtained from this site should not be handed over, sold or disclosed to third parties or other businesses based on job search or membership.