May-God Human Resource Copyright Protection Policy

We strongly respect and protect the copyrights of others, and the terms of service of our members are also clear. We do not violate the copyright of others. Therefore, we appeal to the users to respect the copyright of others. If you believe that any of the human resources in the human resources of the web site or users of the May-God Human Resource services has infringed your copyright, we recommend that you use this approach to reporting, the May-God Human Resource service call center will handle as soon as possible:

Right holders report copyright infringement

  1. The signature of the copyright owner, or the signature of the copyright owner's agent, the relevant proof of rights and the content of the copyright, such as the cover of the published book and the relevant page, the printed page of the webpage published on the webpage and Its URL.
  2. The web page and the URL of the content of the copyright infringement.
  3. your contact address, telephone and other information.
  4. Written statement You are satisfied that the use of the contents of this web page is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent (office) or solicitor.
  5. A written statement in the notice of the relevant information is true, and you are the copyright owner or the copyright owner for the statement. right
    • Download Copyright Infringement Notification (Download Copyright Infringement Notification)
    • May-God Human Resource Fax line : 04-3507-7399

The statement of third network links and references

May-God Human Resource may provide links to other sites or network resources on major sites, value added sites, or sections, and you recognize and agree that「May-God Human Resource」may not be able to control the management and guarantees provided by the Company. And you recognize and agree that you do not have to provide all the information, content, products, advertisements and other information provided by us on the website of the non May-God Human Resource force, and you are responsible for all the information and content of the linked website. Completeness, suitability, accuracy, immediacy, validity and correctness of the information contained herein, and any damage or loss caused to you.

May-God Human Resource processing principles

  1. Upon receipt of your notice, we will remove the content of the web page that you claim to infringe the copyright, and e-mail it to you. If the User has any objection to the infringement that you claim, you may have to provide your name, e-mail or phone number to the User in order to communicate with you directly to resolve the argument.
  2. According to the provisions of the「May-God Human Resource」rights privacy policy, in addition to the consent of the user or the purpose of providing services, the「May-God Human Resource」may only be required by law or government agencies to provide user identification information to a third party. Therefore, if you report in law with this approach, 「May-God Human Resource」 will only be in law with your request to remove the infringing content, and will not provide you with the identification of the user information. If you want to obtain the user information, you should tell the District Court Procuratorate or the Criminal Police Department, the「May-God Human Resource」will be opened before the unit to provide user information requested, with the immediate provision.